Information about safety and sanitary conditions in our hotel

Dear visitor,

As the touristic season begins in hotel PAPPAS, we consider it significant to communicate and inform you about the measures taken to safeguard health and safety on our premises. We are consistent with all the protocols of cleanness, hygiene and disinfection, which include:

  • Staff training on sanitary matters
  • Standard cycles of cleaning and disinfection in all places
  • Easily spotted hand sanitizers
  • Regular cleaning of the busiest and most crowded places along with all the communal surfaces, including the corridors, the stairs and the lifts

Taking into consideration the current preoccupation about the new corona virus 2019 (covid19), we established some accommodation rules in accordance with the sanitary protocols in order to ensure the safety of our guests during their stay. These regulations include:

  1. We recommend to our guests as they approach all inside places of service( lobby, bar, buffet) to keep a distance of 1.5 metres from the previous guest according to the priority order.
  2. The use of lifts is restricted to two (2) adults or a family.
  3. We reduced to 1/3 the capacity of our restaurants, arranging their spaces so as to meet social distancing. We adapted the meal buffet in order to avoid the use of one shared item (tongs). The items used are sanitary appropriate and suitable for the temperatures.
  4. We recommend to our guests as they enter or exit our restaurants to use the special hand sanitizer placed for this reason at the restaurants’ entrance.
  5. In order to avoid health problems caused by goods or/and services outside the hotel, delivery of food is not allowed.

Our mission is to provide high quality of personalised services. Our personnel are keen professionals, ready to please you and serve you effectively and promptly.

For the members of our staff, our company has taken the following measures:

  • We observe the regulations about the reduced number of staff.
  • We took precautions giving the designated protective equipment.
  • We continue to take measures by constantly disinfecting the working areas and the spaces both communal and private.
  • We took measures to reduce the staff’s social gatherings and to keep social distance (1,5 + metres).

We are certain that our premises and our service will continue to be safe and our team ready to attend on our visitors.

We are very proud of our staff that under such unprecedented circumstances show a very high level of personal, social and professional responsibility. Apart from keeping the strict sanitary rules, they are exemplary hosts.

We value each and every visitor who honours us with their presence at our hotel and at our town.

Yours sincerely,
Dimitrios Pappas
President & CEO

Είμαι πολύ περήφανος για όλο το προσωπικό της εταιρείας μας που σε αυτές τις πρωτόγνωρες περιστάσεις επιδεικνύει υψηλότατο επίπεδο ατομικής, κοινωνικής και επαγγελματικής ευθύνης. Πέραν της άμεσης τήρησης αυστηρών κανόνων υγιεινής, λειτουργίας, επικοινωνίας και συντονισμού, αποτελούν υποδειγματικούς οικοδεσπότες.

Εκτιμούμε κάθε επισκέπτη που μας τιμά με την παρουσία του στην Ξενοδοχειακή μονάδα μας και τον τόπο μας.

Με εκτίμηση,
Δημήτριος Παππάς
Πρόεδρος & Διευθ. Σύμβουλος

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